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Colloidal Silver Information Page

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver may be defined as the suspension of ultra-fine silver particles in a colloidal base. The purer solutions of colloidal silver are known as true colloidal silver solutions and are just comprised of pure water and pure silver. In true colloidal silver, a major proportion of the silver content obtains in the form of silver particles. 

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How much does Colloidal Silver Cost?

You may run into claims like this online when looking to purchase colloidal silver online. While most of us appreciate a competitive price for the products we love, it’s important to have a solid foundational understanding of the different types of colloidal silver, and why this variation leads to a disparity in price.

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What types of Colloidal Silver are there?

There are three different ‘types’ of colloidal silver, all often sold under the colloidal silver name. Firstly, there is true colloidal silver - such as our Amber 80% range - which is the rarest form of colloidal silver as it’s the most pure and hardest to manufacture. Silver protein and ionic silver also get sold under the colloidal silver name, with the latter being the most common of the three.

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Topical Uses

We advocate the use of colloidal silver as a topical medication. Colloidal silver can help heal and prevent infection. So what are topical medications? Most commonly, topical administration means application to body surfaces such as the skin or mucous membranes to treat ailments via a large range of classes including creams, foams, gels, lotions, and ointments. We offer a variety of products in our range that are formulated for topical use.

Colloidal Silver Blue Man

Of course, when specialising in this industry you become accustomed to many myths, fads and fiction around colloidal silver. An infamous example was that of “The Blue Man”, Paul Karason. It was reported that colloidal silver was responsible for turning his skin a blue-grey colour. In reality, the reports largely missed that Karason was making his own version of colloidal silver. He was adding salt to his distilled water in a bid to speed up the production time of his homemade silver solution.

He was unaware that salt should not be incorporated into the “electrolysis” process. This is because while salt does shorten the time it takes to create the solution, it actually morphs it into something else entirely; silver chloride. This silver compound, when taken in very large quantities has been shown to cause a harmless skin discolouration condition called "Argyria." Paul's condition is the result of years of ingesting extremely high doses of silver chloride and was not an overnight transformation. 

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