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We stand by our in house quality manufacturing processes and unique formulations to deliver the best possible results. We have sprays, solutions and gels in various concentrations to offer the widest choice and suitability for a large number of conditions. Our practitioners demand the best products on the market which must be side effects free throughout our colloidal silver range. This is in contrast to some medical treatments, as our products do not effect good bacteria or other body processes. In addition we have experienced members of our team to offer product advice with education, updates and featured resources.


Awareness is increasing about the importance of drinking alkaline water. Our trade and practitioner partners can attest to their clients needing help for the effects of acid blood which is the scourge of the west with underlying acid related health problems which include: High blood pressure, a failing heart or heart problems, stiff inflamed painful joints, bone loss, abnormal blood sugar levels, difficulty sleeping, poor energy, digestive problems, depression, impaired cognitive abilities, lung problems, pain numbness or tingling in hands and feet, skin or hair aging rapidly, eyesight or hearing fading, poor sexual function, and low immune status.

Furthermore the benefit of alkalised ionized water is that it raises the pH of our blood which means that many diseases cannot live in this high pH environment. Also this water has a smaller molecular structure as it is has a lower oxygen reduction potential [-] ORP so you hydrate better as the water can more effectively reach all parts of the body and remove toxins. This amazing water also removes free radicals from your system which can cause body cell decomposition which are the main culprit in our aging process.

Alongside our trade and practitioner partners we are passionate about supplying the best quality affordable alkaline products with the very latest innovations and education.

We have two ways for you to work with us - as a trade customer, or a health practitioner.

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We offer an amazing introductory package to our new practitioner partners, plus a generous ongoing discount and support forum. Please contact us via the form below to set up an account.

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If you are interested in opening a trade account with us please fill in the form below and we will reply with our trade terms and be in touch to discuss how we can best work together.