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Summer Essentials Pack



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Aloe After Sun, Silver Gel, Sting Ease, Travel Spray

Pack with confidence for the holidays with our Summer Essentials Pack! And Save £8.56 when buy them together!

Aloe After Sun

Colloidal Silver is one of the most effective natural anti-microbial agents and has the capability to disable over six hundred and fifty types of bacteria, fungus and viruses. Silver is routinely used in hospitals around the world to help heal burns of all descriptions. We paired our premium grade Colloidal Silver with Aloe Vera for its hydrating quality and soothing effect. This product is created to help relieve pain and speed the healing process. The Hydrogel has a light texture and absorbs rapidly into the skin, leaving a dry and non sticky film to seal in the Colloidal Silver and protect the damaged skin.

Silver Gel

This is our best-selling product, the first gel product that we made 8 years ago.  Since then we have sold countless numbers of them and have had some great success stories.  This gel contains our highest quality Amber Silver and a hint of Essential Bergamot Oil for a light and refreshing scent. This product can be used for a wide range of skin conditions and also as a HAND SANITISER that will not make your hands sore like alcohol-based products.

Sting Ease

With a combination of our finest quality Colloidal Silver and Rosemary Essential Oil, this roll-on tincture provides effective relief from insect bites and stings. Being 50ml in size, it's aeroplane friendly and the perfect product to slip into your pocket or handbag.

Travel Spray

A crystal clear, high quality solution which is 95% ionic and 5% colloidal with a high pH of 9.0. Handy pump spray option that fits in your pocket or handbag, take it anywhere. Refill from 300 ml bottle for extra value. Being 20ml in size, it's aeroplane friendly and small enough to  pop into your pocket or handbag.


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