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Colloidal Silver is a solution of very small silver particles suspended in a liquid. We use pharmaceutical grade deionised water and 99.99% Pure Silver. It is used in alternative healthcare and as a topical application for wound healing. It has been used historically as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent.

Ionic Silver is a type of silver that has been converted into an ionic form, which makes it more water-soluble than other forms of silver. It is often used as an alternative medicine for its antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used in water purification systems, as it has been shown to kill many types of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The 7 stage filter process for deionised water is used when making Colloidal Silver because it helps to remove any impurities and other contaminants that could negatively affect the quality of the Colloidal Silver. This process helps to ensure that the Colloidal Silver is of a high quality and is safe to use. The 7 stage filter process includes a sediment filter, carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, deionization resin, ultrafiltration membrane, UV light, and finally a remineralization filter.

Amber glass is used for Colloidal Silver because it is ideal for blocking out visible light. Visible light is known to degrade Colloidal Silver and reduce its effectiveness, so using amber glass helps to protect it from light and preserve its quality.

We are one of the only brands on the market selling true Amber Colloidal Silver. Quality is very important to us, we have over a decades experience and work closely with our Chemist who has spent over 40 years in the Cosmetic business both as an R&D Chemist/Formulator and expertise in Manufacturing techniques.  He has worked with many well known organisations including Asda, Sainsburys, Espa and Body Shop.

You can find everything you need here, we have the widest range of products including solutions, creams, soaps, gels, pet care and more.

Our products go through a three stage testing when they are first formulated.

This involves:

  1. The Preservative Efficacy Test come back after approx 30 days
  2. The Compatibility Test lasts 12 weeks and will be back in approximately 14 weeks
  3. Total Viable Count – 30 grams

Then these results go to a toxicologist to be checked and a report is written up on the product for safety levels of ingredients.

We also follow the guidelines on good manufacturing practises ISO 22716

PPM stands for parts per million and is a unit of concentration used to measure the amount of silver present in a solution. The higher the ppm the larger the particle size, there is no need for PPM to be any higher than 20. 

We operate out of a purpose built manufacturing unit in Wadhurst, East Sussex. All of our products are handmade by us, using medical grade equipment in our 24hour temperature controlled laboratory. They are tested and checked by us to ensure they are of the utmost quality. We take care of everything, from concept to manufacturing to packaging.

No. Silver is a Noble or precious metal. Silver cannot be oxidised to toxic compounds like mercury or lead, this makes it safe to be used for medical equipment, jewellery, cooking utensils, water flasks and many other uses where its antibacterial properties are needed.

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