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All Natural Colloidal Silver Petcare Cream With Moisturising Coconut Oil – 100g


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We were prompted by our customers to create a moisturising antifungal cream using the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver and it has become a best seller ever since!

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Our unique blend of Colloidal Silver and coconut oil contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that helps soothe and heal skin irritations, while keeping the skin healthy and nourished. Suitable for all animals, our petcare cream has a pleasant, natural scent and is suitable for sensitive skin. Use it on your pets dry, cracked, or irritated skin to help promote healing

We use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, virgin coconut oil is unrefined (unbleached) and expeller pressed from raw or dry coconut flesh.

True Amber Colloidal Silver has a wide range of silver particle sizes which gives it its distinctive amber colour. This is the same Silver we use in all our creams, gels and ready to use products! In the presence of bacteria, the microscopic particles of silver effectively suffocate bacteria and pathogens.

Silver has been traced as far back as Ancient times for wound healing and protection against disease and infection. Before the introduction of antibiotics Silver was one of the few antimicrobial treatments. Silver is used to this day in wound dressings, water purification, bone prostheses, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery, cardiac devices and surgical appliances.

To use:  Clean the area and apply Silver Cream liberally.

Use within 12 months of opening

Store in a cool dark place


For more information on Colloidal Silver please consult the following resources:

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We also post news and updates on our latest news page.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email.


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