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You may run into claims like this online when looking to purchase colloidal silver online. While most of us appreciate a competitive price for the products we love, it’s important to have a solid foundational understanding of the different types of colloidal silver, and why this variation leads to a disparity in price.

True Colloidal

As covered in our introduction to colloidal silver, there are different types of colloidal silver. True colloidal silver – those typically containing between 50 to 80 per cent particles – are the most expensive. They contain pure water and pure silver, and due to the higher cost of production, they are legitimately more valuable than other forms of colloidal silver.

We will discuss more on the factors determining true colloidal in our next post, but on the highest level, they are determined by the percentage of silver particles as well as the particle surface area. Our Amber 80% Colloidal Silver is proudly one of the very few true colloidal silver products on the market, and you can check it out here. Our Amber 100ml True Colloidal Silver dropper is priced at £16.95.

Other products under the ‘Colloidal Silver’ name

Ionic silver and silver protein are products that commonly get described as colloidal silver, but are different from true colloidal silver.

Ionic silver is the most commonly labelled ‘colloidal silver’ product, due to its low manufacturing complexity when compared with true colloidal. This subsequently lowers the cost of production. Generally, around 90% of the silver content is in the form of ionic silver and the remaining 10% of the silver content is in the form of silver particles.

Closing thought

In summary, there is no one right price for colloidal silver because of the variety of products and results under that name. At Nature’s Greatest Secret, we use medical grade equipment to ensure that our products are pure, as well as being highly sensitive in stating the silver content of all products.

In our next post, we’ll dive a little deeper into the differences between these three very distinct products that commonly all get sold under the ‘colloidal silver’ title.

Thinking of investing in the benefits of colloidal silver? Take a look at our range of silver solutions here.

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